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About Us 

WeCanApps Software is a company with the mission to develop assistive software that can improve the quality of life for people with motor disabilities and speech disorders.

"Made by those with special needs for those with special needs!"


Losing my voice has been one of the biggest challenges in my journey with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Communication is the basis of socialization, and losing that ability to socialize is perhaps the greatest pain caused by the disease. As soon as the first symptoms appeared, I began a desperate search for alternative means of communication. Tables of communication, gestures, signals and applications, many applications. Optikey, ACAT, Tobii Communicator, DSpeech, NextUp Talker, and many others. Most were limited to the English language and had fixed dictionaries and a confusing interface that did not help at all in the conversation process. Those who were better could cost more than a thousand dollars. In short, none of them paid full attention to me. It was then that I resolved, with my more than twenty years of experience in software engineering, to create my own communication application. It was several months of study and work to come up with a really simple, practical and efficient product.

The basic assumptions of the application were:

  • Be universal. Anyone should be able to use the application, writing in any language, speaking in any language;

  • Be configurable. The user should be able to create his own dictionary with complete words and phrases appropriate to his daily life;

  • Be simple, practical and intuitive. The user could not waste time with a confusing interface and go through several commands to speak a simple phrase.

  • Be accessible. Anyone with any purchasing power should have access to the application, preferably with a free version.

Now, after a year of using the application daily, I decided to make it available to everyone, hoping it would be as useful for anyone who chooses to use it as it is for me. 

José Afonso Braga


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