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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the WeCanSpeak Windows application?

WeCanSpeak Windows is a text-to-speech (TTS) application for computers and tablets with Windows operating system, with some differentiated features such as user-customized dictionary, advanced search engine, text and audio recording, translation instantaneous text and audio to other languages and professional visual themes.

What is the WeCanSpeak Web application?

WeCanSpeak Web is a simplified online text-to-speech (TTS) application that is available to the major internet browsers on the market.

  • Microsoft Edge,

  • Google Chrome,

  • Mozilla Firefox,

  • Opera,

  • Apple Safari.

What is the WeCanSpeak Mobile application?

WeCanSpeak Mobile is a text-to-speech (TTS) application for Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets, with some differentiated features such as user-customized dictionary, advanced search engine, text and audio recording, and instant translation of text and audio into other languages.


Launch forecast for July/2019.

Who can benefit from using WeCanSpeak?

Anyone with a speech impairment can benefit from using the application, making communication easier. People without speech disorders can also make use of the application to record audio, translate texts or communicate with someone in other languages.

How is typing in the WeCanSpeak Windows application?

Typing can be done by any physical or virtual keyboard. For people with motor deficiencies, it is necessary to use a specific equipment for eye tracking. The most used is the Tobii PcEye.

More information about the equipment on the representative's website in Brazil below.



Does the WeCanSpeak Windows application install new voices on my computer?

No. The application uses the voices of the Windows operating system itself installed on your computer, it does not install any additional voice. You can install new voices for free from Microsoft itself, or acquire a voice from a third party, such as the company IVONA for example.



How does language translation work on WeCanSpeak?

The translation of the text typed in the user's native language to another language depends only on one voice for another language installed on the user's computer. Microsoft makes available on its site free voices for various languages. In addition, you must have an active Internet connection and a subscription to the Microsoft Azure service, which also has sufficient free deductibles for normal use of the application.

How do I upgrade to the PRO version of WeCanSpeak Windows?

To enable all features unique to the PRO version, simply purchase a license (License Key). To do this, go to the Update for PRO version option in the Help menu. You will be redirected to the site that performs the license sales and generation operations. At the end of the purchase, you will receive a license key (License Key) that must be registered, along with the email used for the purchase, in the WeCanSpeak application Settings screen. After entering this data and saving the changes, the application will automatically be upgraded to the PRO version.

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