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WeCanSpeak Windows, new update, Version 1.6



In anticipation of changes to the Azure platform announced by Microsoft for April, we have updated the WeCanSpeak Windows application to fit the new access requirements for language translation. In addition, the new version includes professional visual interface themes, now also in the FREE Version. There are ten themes that allow a much more pleasant experience to the user.


Download the new version for free now.



WeCanSpeak Web, the simplified online version.



Thinking of practicality and knowing that most people are currently connected to the Internet, we have decided to create an online version of the WeCanSpeak application, the WeCanSpeak Web.

This simplified version of the application is available, free of charge, to anyone with access to a web browser.

There are several voices in several languages available. In addition, the WeCanSpeak Web has tonality, volume and read speed adjustments. And also execution controls such as talk, pause, continue and cancel.

The WeCanSpeak Web can be accessed by any of the Internet browsers below:

  • Microsoft Edge, 

  • Google Chrome, 

  • Mozilla Firefox, 

  • Opera e

  • Apple Safari. 


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